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How to buy a good shower head?
Addtime: 2022-07-23

Nowadays people like to have a nice big bathroom when they renovate their house, but the shower is very important for the bathroom. The choice and installation of the shower head will affect the future use effect.

So today, I will give some tips to those who want to improve their quality of life. When choosing a shower, these 7 suggestions must be paid attention to!

1. Select the ceramic valve core

As the "heart" of the shower, the quality of the valve core determines the quality of the shower.

Shower valve spool, which directly determines the water outlet effect of the shower. Further regulation of steering, pressure, mixing of cold and hot water, flow, etc. is realized by the valve core.

The most popular ceramic valve core now has a long service life, good quality, not easy to leak, and the price is relatively inexpensive. It is a type of valve core with high cost performance.

2. Select refined copper body

Copper material has a long history. In ancient China, copper material was used as a utensil for daily life. Of course, copper material is also widely used, and is also used as a bathroom shower.

Generally speaking, the best material for the shower head is all copper or pure copper. Due to the good corrosion resistance of copper, rust and blockage are less likely to occur.

In addition, the hardness of the copper material is not high, the melting point is low, and the surface is plated with an electroplating layer.

thermostatic shower

3. Choose silicone spout

The design of the silicone water outlet is soft and comfortable to the touch, and it is not easy to scale.

The scale can be easily rubbed and popped out just by wiping the water outlet with your hand, which makes good use of the properties of the material and facilitates cleaning.

4. Select multiple water outlets

The most basic shower set is a combination of a mixing valve and a hand shower - of course, the hand shower can be hung up to produce water. The upgraded product is to add a top spray shower on this basis.

But whether it is a hand-held shower or a top-spray shower, it is all prepared for bathing. But for some families, that's not enough. So the importance of multiple water outlets is reflected.

Whether it's cleaning, catching water, or washing the floor. Shower sets equipped with lower water outlets can perfectly meet different living needs.

And if conditions permit, a side spray can also be added. The shower experience is sure to be greatly improved.

5. Advanced electroplating process

The cost of cheap spray paint is low, the price is cheap, and it is very eye-catching, but after using it, the scale is very serious, and the paint is also unrecognizable.

The choice of advanced electroplating materials is not only good in texture, but also very wear-resistant! It is not easy to peel off the paint, and it always maintains a bright luster.

6. Select with constant temperature mode

The thermostatic shower is a temperature-sensitive thermal element installed inside the mixing valve. This element rotates at different angles at different temperatures. By changing the angle, the amount of hot and cold water inflow can be changed, so that the water temperature is always constant.

With a thermostatic shower, we no longer have to shower with hot and cold water to adjust the temperature before every bath. In the process of taking a bath, there is no need to worry about the family members suddenly turning on the faucet outside, causing the temperature of the bath water to suddenly become hot or cold.

7. Select the adjustable rod

As an item used by the whole family, the shower head must meet the needs of the different situations of the whole family.

The shower rod chooses a height-adjustable shower head, which can be adjusted at will to easily meet the height needs of the whole family~

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