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Three steps to teach you the installation and precautions of the shower
Addtime: 2022-06-24

Nowadays people like to have a nice big bathroom when they renovate their house, but the shower is very important for the bathroom. The choice and installation of the shower head will affect the future use effect. Pay attention to those little details and make yourself more comfortable!

1. Installation preparation

1. Prepare the installation tool:

The installation tools that we generally need to prepare for installing bathroom products include: impact drill, electric hand drill, laser level, angle grinder, Allen wrench, spare drill bit, water pressure gauge, tape measure, raw material tape, marker, screwdriver, utility knife, Water pump pliers, claw hammer, spirit level, glass glue and glue gun.

2. Installation environment check:

Measure the reserved height of the shower installation and whether the water outlet pipe meets the installation conditions. The distance between the hot and cold water outlet should be 12-15cm, and the distance from the ground should be 90-100cm. Confirm the water pipe distribution with the customer to avoid breaking the water pipe when drilling.

3. Product inspection:

Open the package, check whether the shower is damaged or bent, and check whether the accessories are complete and intact, such as top spray, hand spray, hose, faucet, etc.

Install bathroom products

2. Installation precautions

1. The distance between the hot and cold water outlet is about 15/cm and parallel and vertical. The constant temperature shower requires that the water outlet must be hot on the left and cold on the right. The water outlet cannot be recessed into the tile surface by more than 0.5cm.

2. Drain the water for 30 seconds to clean the sediment and impurities in the pipeline to avoid blocking the valve core.

3. When installing the main body, pay attention to check whether there is a 6-point sealing water washer. A cloth pad must be used when securing the nut to prevent scratching the surface.

4. Open the water valve to check whether there is water leakage at the connection of the curved corner and the water outlet of the main body.

5. When punching a fixed pole, you must ask the customer whether there are water pipes and wires at the punching position, so as to avoid breaking the pipeline and causing unnecessary losses.

6. When inserting the pole, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water sealing O-ring is deformed, and the overlap of the two pipes should be deep enough to prevent water leakage due to the overlap is too short.

7. On the hand shower end, put the protective rubber ring and install the hand shower into the extension tube. Then install the other end of the tension tube to the main body, tighten it tightly.

8. The top spray locks the pull screw of the pole to prevent the water pressure from rushing out of the pole and damaging the ceiling of the customer's home.

9. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to check again whether there is water leakage at each interface.

Install bathroom products

3. Inspection and acceptance criteria

1. The shower should be installed horizontally and vertically

2. There is no shaking and loosening of the shower pole

3. The switch conversion should be smooth

4. There is no water leakage at all interfaces

5. The top spray, hand spray and spray gun have normal water output and no blockage.

6. After installation, clean the garbage on site.

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