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How to choose a shower head?
Addtime: 2022-03-22

The first thing I want to do when I get home from a day's work is to take a comfortable hot bath. As the weather gets hotter, the shower replaces the bath, which is faster and more convenient. But if you want to take a comfortable bath, the nozzle of the shower is very important. Here are some tips for choosing shower heads.

Tips for choosing shower heads

shower head

1. Look at the shower head valve core

The quality of the valve core will directly affect the use experience and service life of the shower head, so when purchasing a shower head, you must pay attention to check its quality. At the same time, a good valve core can also save water. effect.

2. Look at the surface coating

The quality of the shower nozzle coating will not only directly affect the quality and service life, but also affect the usual sanitary cleaning. The plastic-coated nozzle is cheap, but has a short service life and can easily block the mouth, which brings a lot of trouble to the usual cleaning. Relatively speaking, stainless steel and copper are much better.

3. See the water and jet effect

From the outside, the shape of each nozzle seems to be the same, so when choosing, you need to look at the water outlet and spray effect, and choose the suitable nozzle according to your shower habits, so as to achieve the effect of enjoying the shower comfortably.

4. Look at the material of the shower head

Shower nozzles are mainly made of plastic, stainless steel and copper. Relatively speaking, although plastic shower nozzles are cheap, they have many disadvantages. They are not durable, prone to cracks, and easy to accumulate bacteria and dirt. The pursuit of health and hygiene. Stainless steel and copper shower heads are similar, but relatively speaking, stainless steel shower heads are cheaper, while copper shower heads are more stylish.

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