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How to solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the shower?
Addtime: 2021-11-24

Ruilin Sanitary Ware recommends that if the water pressure is not enough, you can consider adding a booster pump. After the booster pump is added, you can grab some water from other places, but there is no benefit to the total pressure. If the water pressure is particularly small If it is, you can try it. If it is basically enough, there is no need to do it.

However, situations such as insufficient water pressure usually occur in old houses. These new houses like now rarely have insufficient water pressure. If you feel that your home’s water pressure is indeed insufficient, and you don’t want to use a booster pump If so, you can consider buying a supercharged sprinkler. There is a supercharged sprinkler. Its water volume is very small, which can increase the water pressure appropriately.


There are various shower nozzles on the market now. It is recommended not to choose too cheap shower nozzles when purchasing shower nozzles. After all, this kind of thing should be used frequently and it will be very troublesome to replace. It is recommended to buy a better one at a time, which is more expensive. It doesn't matter, it takes a long time and is not prone to problems. Some better sprinklers are directly equipped with a thermostat. Through this thermostat, the problem of hot and cold water can be solved. So when buying a shower nozzle, you can consider buying a thermostat, or If you have a gas water heater installed in your home, you don't generally need to buy this. The gas water heater also has a thermostat.

When buying bathroom hardware in the bathroom, it is recommended to buy better quality. These items are often used. If there is any problem, it will be troublesome to repair or replace. The key also affects the mood. It is recommended to choose a big brand. After-sales quality is guaranteed.

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