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Types and functions of shower heads
Addtime: 2021-05-24


There are three main types of showers, namely showers" target="_blank">hand showers, overhead showers and side showers. The function of the shower is different according to the different water outlet mode. The more common water outlet function modes are:

General style, that is, the shower water flow required for bathing, suitable for simple and quick showers;

Turbine type, the water flow is concentrated into a water column, which makes the skin feel numb and itchy. This bathing method can stimulate and clear the mind well;

Massage style, refers to the strong and powerful water spray, intermittent pouring, which can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body;

The strong beam type of water flows out strongly, which can produce a foggy effect through the collision between the water streams, which can increase the fun of bathing.

A complete set of shower includes shower head, shower post and hose. Among them, there are more dual-sprinkler configurations, including an overhead shower and a hand-held shower; a single hand-held shower is also uncommon; the luxurious configuration of the shower has one or more in addition to the overhead shower and the hand-held shower. Multiple side spray showers play the role of waist massage. The shape of the top shower is the most common, as well as the characteristic square, free and easy star shape, etc., which provide people with the opportunity to make personalized choices.

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